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  • 6th Group Bomber Command
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    Brat Facebook Pages

    Social Media has become a very important resource tool for a great many Brats. Following are just some of the links that I know off on Facebook.

    • CFS Alsask

      For anyone who ever lived in Alsask.

    • Beausejour Radar Brats,

    • Belmont Park Reunion #2 July 2014

      This group has been created to capture the great memories we have growing up in Belmont Park in the mid 70's and to reconnect.
      It's time for a reunion!

    • Brats of CFB Chatham (Curtis Park)

      This group is dedicated to providing a place for people who worked and grew up at CFB Chatham, New Brunswick and have lost track of friends, co-workers and classmates. If you were at St Margaret's you're welcome too. Please post the years you were at the base.

    • Brats of St Maggies

      a group for all PMQ brats who lived in St Margarets, New Brunswick

    • newCanada Military Brats

      A group for all those who grew up on Base or grew up as the children of Soldiers in Canada.

    • newCanada Remembers

      Make Remembrance more than something you feel. Make it something you do.

    • Canadian Afghanistan War Veterans Association

      The Canadian Afghanistan War Veterans Association is a collection of individuals of shared hardships, experiences and sacrifices that are driven to improve the lives of all veterans of the war in Afghanistan.

    • Canadian AC&W & Radar Sites, FCO, RCAF

      This site is dedicated to all the trades which made these sites accomplish the mission.

    • Canadian Military Communications and Electronics

      Group for current and former members of the Communications and Electronics Branch of the Canadian Forces to meet and catch up.

    • CFappreciation

      Rate reductions and incentives for members of the Canadian Forces!
      Over 35,000 card carrying members, 3,100 likes on facebook and an ever growing list of new Industry Partners joining everyday!!

    • CFB Base Brats

      This is a great place to find old friends, discuss different topics, and also remember the way it used to be...

    • Daniel's Head, I lived there (CFS Bermuda)
    • CFB Chatham

      I guess if you lived on this base you can join the group!

    • Lost Friends Reunite CFB Chatham New Brunswick

      For any body who knew anybody and lost touch with anybody from (former) Canadian Forces Base Chatham NB in Mirimichi city, NB (aka Chatham, NB) !

    • CFB Cornwallis

      A Group Dedicated to HMCS/CFB Cornwallis and the memories of those that trained and/or served at this training base with pride.

    • Former CFB Cornwallis

      A place for former Personal of CFB Cornwallis and Base Brats can come to meet and find old Friends.

    • CFB Lahr

      For anyone who was posted to Lahr.

    • Canadian Military Spouses

      2908 members Closed Group
      This is specifically for CANADIAN military spouses. I looked through all the "military wife groups," and they all seemed to be American (nothing wrong with that - just I wanted to start one being for Canadian wife's) - because we may just have a little more in common

    • Cold Lake
    • AWU Decimomannu Sardinia,Italy
    • Downsview Base Brats (CFB Toronto)

      Originally for Downsview Base Brats, then expanded to friends, actual military, family, etc. You lived worked or visited alot, Stanley Greene, LDHs, William Baker. Unrestricted except because of Facebook changes I have to add you

    • Its Started in Holberg

      For that special group of us who roamed the streets of Holberg and/or lived on the base as a kid (or currently).

    • Fort Henry Heights Brats (CFB Kingston)

      This group is for all who lived at CFB Kingston.

    • CFB Lahr Who was there and when

      Open group for anyone who was posted to Lahr.

    • Military Brats of the Canadian Armed Forces Unite!!

      You must have one, or both parents in the Canadian Armed Forces to join - either air force, army, marine. Hooeh everyone? Hooeh! :P :)

    • Military Gals

      Canadian ServiceWomen Only. It is for Canadian Servicewomen..serving or reconnect with old friends and share memories, maybe get together or at least have a few giggles.

    • Mynarski Park - Anderson of Craigmyle Kids, Penhold, AB

      Anyone who lived in Mynarski Park and went to Anderson of Craigmyle School

    • Penhold Air Cadet Camp Staff - Pre 1990

      Anyone who worked as a staff cadet, CI or officer at the camp in the OOOOOllllldddd days.
      ADD photos if you wish but EITHER put them into the appropriate Album or CREATE one of your own... that makes it much easier to find stuff!! ALSO check out the Cadet Archive page on Facebook.

    • I lived on Rockliffe Military Base

      This is for anyone who ever lived on Rockliffe Military base in Ottawa, better known as CFB North. Just for fun, trying to see how many army brats I can find

    • Soest Army Brats

      This is a Facebook page for Soest army brats - kids who attended school in Soest, Germany in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

    • Support The Troops

      A site dedicated to the support of the young men , women and families of the Canadian and Coalition Forces.
      The Only Thing Harder Than Being A Soldier Is Loving One

    • Survived living in Canadian PMQS

      For those who have lived or currently live in Housing on Canadian Military Bases


      ALL VETS, ONE STANDARD!!! NOTHING LESS. Under one umbrella we stand much stronger, can you imagine the numbers we would have if we had all members together on one page?

    • Uplands Brats

      CFB Ottawa South. Thge Base where the PMQs still exist in Ottawa lol! A group where we all can share memories of the base.

    • CFB Uplands in the 1960's and 1970's

      Just a group created to get in touch with old friends and classmates. We would like to hear from you and have you join the group.

    • Veteran's Issues
    • 3 Wing Zweibrucken Canadian Military Brats

      For individuals whose parents were in the Canadian or American Military stationed at 3 Wing Zweibrucken Germany (Canadian Base) prior to it's being closed in August 1969.

    • 3 Wing, RCAF/USAF Fighter Wing, Zweibrucken, Germany

    If you know of others send me the link to and I will include them here for all paid members to see.

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