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Last modified Mon 27 Dec 2011

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Who are we?

We are an association of former military dependents who were stationed on various Air Force Bases around the world.

Who can Join?

Although the site was originally created specifically for the children of Canadian Air Force Personnel, i.e. BRATS, membership is now open to any active air service personnel as well.

What is the purpose of this site?

This site is created to provide a central resource for former Canadian Air Force Brats. The site contains an alphabetical listing of all names listed in the database. There is information on over 200 individual bases that we have lived on. A listing by base of those BRATS who were stationed there is also provided.

How does this site work?

Direct contact information (email) is provided directly on this site together with the ICQ #'s for those BRATS who have ICQ. For information on any names listed within the site without email or ICQ just email me and I will provide you with what information I may have.

If I see a name of someone that I know, how do I go about contacting this person?

If an email address is displayed just click on the address. If nothing happens there must be a broken link so please let me know. Other contact information is placed on the web site (ICQ numbers) and the only other way to make contact is to request the information through Association Headquarters

Is there any way of knowing "who served/lived where"?

All members who provide the names of the bases where they were stationed can be found under the "Who were your neighbours section"

What does it cost to join?

Currently membership is free. Only registered members can access information on other members. You do require a password and username.

How do I get a CAFBA ID #

When you register, a CAFBA ID # is automatically assigned to you. The database is sorted using this number and for identifying members. Please check the new members page in about two weeks to find your number

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To update information please email CAFBA Association Headquarters at

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