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TALENTED BRATS - Maple Leaf Schnauzers

Last modified Sat 29 Oct 2016



Dedicated to my friend, Wendy

If you're looking for something loving
That'll make your life more admiring
We have something that is quite affecting
And years from now it'll still be protecting.

This wee creature can be very gentle,
And for most tasks, it is very able,
Energy levels make it very zestful,
It is so perfect, that its wonderful.

Each of us has a birthright,
For this one, its because its so bright,
That it gives us so much delight,
And seldom gets into any dogfight.

This little thing has a very big heart,
It is also bright and extremely smart.
From the beginning you soon can start
To realize, that, it's your new sweetheart.

Without any yipping and yelping
For your thoughts of abandoning
This new friend is very apologizing
For all of your actions, it is very forgiving.

So if you're looking for something that pays dividends,
And takes little for you to master and expend,
Follow the rules, until you comprehend,
You'll soon, make yourself, a new best friend.

Now of what I speak is not a cure-all,
Indeed for some it will not enthrall,
But for those who dislike having a furball,
This is the package, albeit it's small.

The good news is, it will not shed,
You won't find hairs, on your new bedspread.
And if you stick to the purebred,
You'll get full value for spending your bread.

There are times when it is very cherubic.
But it will still test you with some antics
Its good to know its not acidic,
Hell, it isn't even allergenic.

This little thing is extremely clean,
It's seldom heard and always seen,
It's always beside you and never in-between
It will become your King or Queen!

To say this thing is a beaut,
I defy anyone to try and refute,
Only one word is absolute,
And that word used, is nothing else, but "cute".

Good looks AND charm is an abnormality,
They sometimes go with being batty,
But in this case it is also very brainy,
As well as, Happy, vivacious and bubbly.

So, if in your life, you need a supplement,
Something to add spice and to complement,
There is but one thing that can augment,
To make your life more content.

Now for all this talk I hope you can hear,
There is something here to revere,
To miss out on it would be so severe,
My warning to you is very sincere.

It doesn't take a lot to adjust,
It'll save you money on your analyst,
Its upkeep is small and won't make you go bust,
For all of this you must first earn its trust.

So with all the tips, how are you faring?
Do you know for what, we are caring?
There is only one answer with no varying.
To state it now would be too daring.

Well okay, and so as not to incite,
A mini riot, or a vicious dogfight,
I'll use my wisdom to see the lite,
And give you the answer to avoid a worse plight.

So what is this, that is such a perfect wonder?
That'll make you feel so much younger?
It's a big deal, a tremendously great wowser,
A cute friendly puppy from Maple Leaf Schnauzers.

written by Alan MacLeod March 7th, 1999


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