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1999 Trivia Contest!

Last modified Sunday August 12th, 2001 at 12:00 p.m. MST


During the summer of 1999 the can.military-brats Newsgroup held a trivia contest to relieve the boredom of the summer. Each side, Army/Navy and Air Force took turns asking questions. One point was awarded for the first correct answer. The following are the questions posted. Some with answers.
  • 1. Name the base whose picture is located at
  • A: Posted by Alan

  • 2. What are the names of the three bases associated with CFB Calgary,

    Alberta? Posted by Oni.

    A: Apparently when CFB Calgary was formed (or however you want to say it),

    there were Currie Barracks, Currie PMQ's and Lincoln Park. Both Lincoln Park

    and Harvey Barracks were used by the Airforce for training.

    Historically Harvey Barracks was known as Camp Sarcee. Later, after the

    amalgamation of the forces, the Airforce pulled out of Lincoln Park and Harvey

    Barracks and PMQ's were built on both grounds.

  • 3. What military base in South Eastern Ontario had the honour of visiting dignitaries landing there? Posted by sue Collins

    A: The correct answer is Uplands. Sean M is our winner.

  • 4. Who wrote a book about being a Navy Wife for the 75th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy and what is the name of the book?

  • 5. France has just recently bestowed its highest military honour on the family of a man who died while flying a Halifax bomber during the Second World War. For the sake of avoiding two part answers I will simply ask the name of this Pilot and would be keen to share other information about this story after the question has properly been answered.

  • 6. Well, here goes with a Navy question...What year did the Royal Canadian Navy come into existance? Posted by: Sean M.

  • 7. What CFL award winning football player was the Commanding Officer of RCAF base Greenwood anThis is a a two part question:

  • 8. A) What is the name of the smallest combat entity, that is completely self-sufficient?


    1. How large, personnel-wise, is it? Both in Peace and War times? Posted by Jo-Anne Hightower.

    A: The answer to question # 8 is: a Brigade and the size is 4300 in Peacetime and 6200 in Wartime! Jo-Ann

  • 9. In John McCrae's famous poem "In Flanders Fields", which still brings tears to my eyes years after I first memorized it in school, there is a line that reads"
  • "The Larks, still bravely singing, fly scarce heard amid the guns below".

    My question is threefold. To answer it you need to tell us all of three of the following:

    a) In What Country is Flanders?

    b) What Battle is McCrae referring to that drowned out the larks

    c) what year is this battle associated with.

    a) Belgium

    b) The "Great War": the battle in Ypres.

    c) 1915

  • 10. What is and where is "General Panet"? Posted from the reserve list by Tracey.
  • A: A high School at CFB Petawawa.

  • 11. Who were the first two groups of women to get the Federal vote in Canada in August 1917 and September 1917 and why were they given the vote? Posted by : Tracey King

  • A: The first two groups of women to get the federal vote in Canada were - in August 1917 female members of the armed forces - under the Military Voters Act and then in September 1917 all female relatives (wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters) of Canadian servicemen under the War-time Elections Act. The purpose of granting the vote to these specific women was that Arthur Meighen (the prime minister) thought that these women would vote for a government which supported conscription - which was a contentious issue at the time.

  • 12. A two part. Posted by John Davis

    Which country other than the USA has the largest F18 Hornet fleet?

    What county was the first (Not USA) operator of the F18 Hornet?

  • A: 1. Canada

    2. Canada

  • 13. What event took place the last time the War Measures Act was invoked in Canada? What precipitated it? Posted by Linda

    A: The answer as I researched it was OCTOBER CRISIS of 1970, precipitated by the kidnapping of British diplomat James Cross and of Québec Cabinet minister Pierre LAPORTE by the terrorist FRONT DE LIBÉRATION DU QUÉBEC (FLQ).

    As I remember it, being in Rockcliff at the time, was soldiers running around with guns and the base was hard to get on and off of.

  • 14. Since the American Civil War Canadians have served in US military, over the years 40 have won the Medal of Honour.

    Who was the only Canadian awarded the Medal Of Honour in the Vietnam War?

    a) Name


    c)Originally from

    d)Date and for what action/event did he recieve this honour. Posted by Missy

    A: Well Missy, I researched this question (is that allowed?) and came up with the following answers:

    a) and b) The Medal of Honour Winner was Spc.4 Peter C. Lemon

    c) originally from Norwich, Ontario

    d) On April 1st, 1970, a fire support base near the Cambodian border was unexpectedly attacked by 300 - 400 Viet Cong. Lemon and another soldier were ordered to man an abandoned .50-caliber machine gun but they found it inoperable. They were hit by a grenade, Lemon was wounded, and the other soldier was killed. Lemon ran back to his bunker and scooped up grenades and began lobbing them amongst his attackers. When another friend was hit, Lemon managed to carry him to a first aid station, under fire. When attempting to get back to his bunker, Lemon was wounded again, but continued fighting. An enemy soldier with a grenade launcher was causing serious damage to Lemon's Division, but with a well-aimed burst from Lemon's machine gun, he was able to eliminate the enemy from the battle. The intense fighting raged on for about an hour, then the enemy retreated. Lemon came across a badly wounded South Vietnamese soldier who was badly bleeding. When the medics came, Lemon refused treatment to shrapnel wounds in his head, neck, leg and arm, so that medics could first take care of the South Vietnamese soldier. Eventually, Lemon was evacuated and spent a month in hospital. He later was presented the Medal of Honor by President Richard M. Nixon in a White House Ceremony. Spc. 4 Peter C. Lemon was the only Canadian awarded the Medal of Honor in the Vietnam War.

  • 15. During the First World War, at least 4,000 Canadian Aboriginals volunteered to join the Allied forces in Europe. Question #15 is in 3 parts:

    a)Who was the most highly decorated Canadian Native in the First World War?

    b)Where was he from?

    c)What decoration was he awarded? Posted by Robbie (or was that Bobbie?)

    A: The most highly decorated Canadian Native in the First World War was

    Francis Pegahmagabow. 26 An Ojibwa from the Parry Island Band in Ontario, he was awarded the Military Medal (MM) plus two bars for bravery in Belgium and France. 27 Soldiers who had been awarded the MM and later performed similarly heroic acts could receive bars to it, denoting further awards. Pegahmagabow was one of 39 members of the CEF who received two bars to the MM.

  • 16. What do the initials C.J.A.T.C. stand for when placed in front of a base like Rivers? Posted from the reserve list by Tracey.

  • A: Canadian Joint Air Training Command

  • 17. What was the date (day, month & year) that the three forces, Army, Airforce and Navy, were integrated into one force? Posted from the reserve list by Tracey.

    A: Feb 1, 1968, the Canadian Forces Reorganization Bill was passed.

  • 18. What is the (full) name of the high school in Borden? Posted from the reserve list by Tracey.

    A: Base Borden Collegiate Institute when I was there now its the Airforce professional development school

  • 19. Why was RAF Station Greenwood created and when was the formal agreement signed creating this station?

    Bonus question....why was Greenwood chosen? Posted by Lori Gauthier.

    A: The formal agreement, signed on 17 December 1939, created the largest air training system ever conceived, and provided a relatively safe training ground in Canada for mainly British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian airmen.

    Greenwood was selected for its fog-free climate.

  • 20. What was the name of the Canadian Navy's Aircraft Carrier?

    Bonus what was the Capt's Dogs name? Posted by Tom Rutledge


  • 21. "What does PPCLI stand for?" Posted from the reserve list.

    A: Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry

  • 22. What ship was sunk by the Admiral Scheer?

    What was the date?

    And where is there a standing memorial to the lost men? Posted by Missy

    A: Ross Memorial Park, created and maintained by Royal Canadian Legion Branch #53 - Jervis Bay Memorial Branch, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

    HMS Jervis Bay, an armed merchant cruiser destroyed by a German pocket battleship Admiral Scheer November 5 1940

  • 23. This is a two part question.

    A. What was the first and only Canadian designed and manufactured combat aircraft to serve with the RCAF/CAF ?

    What other airforce flew this aircraft ?

  • 24. There are 2 ships at the Halifax Waterfront by the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

    One is a Corvette and the other was commissioned as a Patrol vessel.

    What are the names of these two ships? When were they set up on the waterfront?

    A: HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial Halifax, Nova Scotia is the Corvette

    HMCS Sackville- Retired from the Royal Canadian Navy in 1982

    CSS Acadia Feb 1980

  • 25. What is the name of the first regular regiment of European soldiers

    garrisoned in North America?

    A: Le Regiment de La Carignan Salierres a French Regiment!

  • 26. "Which Battalion received the Distinguished Unit Citation from the President of the United States to recognize its stand near Kapyong Korea, in April 1951?" Posted by tracey from the reserve list.

    A: In recognition of their heroic stand, which prevented the Chinese Forces from advancing and cutting off the withdrawing Korean and American forces, 2 PPCLI was awarded the United States Presidential Unit Citation, the only Canadian unit to have been so honoured.

    see for the story

    see for a general description for the reason for the medal.

  • 27. "What is a Killick" Posted by Tracey from the reserve list.

    A: A "Killick" is a slang from the British Royal Navy days which meant Leading Seaman, a sailor, about the same rank as a Cpl in the Army/Airfarce..

  • 28. There was an Air Cadet Squadron for Brats in Germany, both in Lahr, and Baden. What was the name and number of the Squadron? Posted by Rasta

    A: 800 black forest sqdn answered by Christopher Richer

  • 29. Who was the first civilian female to run for and be elected to a PMQ council in Canada? As a bonus, which station? Posted by Christopher Richer

    A: Carol Richer in '70 or '71(her memory is not what it used to be) in CFS Gypsumville.

    Prior to that civilians and women had been APPOINTED to the councils. When the Chief Administration Officer was approached about her running he stated emphatically that it was not allowed by the regs. When questioned by the CO as to which specific reg disallowed it, he spent a week looking. When he was unable to find such a reg. he contacted NDHQ and they spent another week attempting to find such a regulation. As no regulation was found, she was allowed to run and was elected.

  • 30. What two military commanders (for Canada) died at the battle of Queenston Heights?

    Bonus: What was the name of the Senior commander's Horse? Posted by Craig

    A: Its Gen Sir Brock, Col MacDonnell and Alfred, Brock's Horse

  • 31. It's a three part answer, the last part a bonus to put the green side over the top or bury them for good. It comes in the form of music trivia.

    An artist tells the story of a young soldier going off to war, making the promise to return to his family and girlfriend but it never happens.

    1) What is the name of the song?

    2) Who is the artist?

    3) Who was the back up group for the artist in the late '70's? ( This particular song was produced in '82) I'm offering 5 points for this answer, the other two are each worth 1. Posted by Jeff Robbins

    A: 1) Stories Of A hero

    2) Frank Marino

    3) Mahogany Rush


    Airforce won the trivia with 15 points (I'm crying my eyes extremely dramatically here, please feel sorry for me)

    Army/Navy came in with 9 points :o) Thanks to the three Navy guys that helped us out :o)

    Tracey's commitment to the group "I would be honoured to do it again next year, thanks for having faith that I can pull it off again next year :o)"

    thanks to all you who participated


    if any of you have spare questions, please forward them as I'm already getting ready for next year's 2nd Annual Battle of the Forces Trivia Contest

    More Canadian Trivia questions can be found at Canadian Air Force Trivia

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