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In This Issue:

  1. Welcome Back
  2. Where To Begin
  3. Today's Quote - Yesterday's Saying
  4. Get Your Free Gift
  5. Cafba Website Updates
  6. What the BRAT's Are Saying!
  7. Remember When!
  8. Make A Brat Laugh
  9. A Brat's Quote
  10. The Brat's Hall of Fame
  11. The List of Brat Sites
  12. Advertise in this newsletter
  • Welcome Back

  • Welcome to this Nov 2005 14th edition of the Cafba News! This edition is one to Remember!

    We hope you enjoy it!

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    Remembrance Day!

    November brings a time for pause and reflection. A moment of remembrance for all those who served and are serving today!

    2005 is the year of the veteran.

    "We have inherited a view of the world that is somehow different because we were raised in military homes or around military folk"....Kath Moors as posted on the can.military-brats newsgroup. Jun 23, 2:18 pm"

    Take time to remember that different world with everyone, out of respect for those who served in the military and who have given us the life we cherish today!

    Lest We Forget!

    This is the Nov 2005 edition of the cafba newsletter.

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    Where to begin!

    This is your newsletter - If you have a comment - let's hear it!


    Today's quotation:

    "It's your decisions, not your conditions, that determine the quality of your life."
    --- Anthony Robbins

    Yesterday's saying:

    "He who hesitates is bossed!"

    author unknown

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    Cafba Website Updates

  • The Main Page!

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    The main entry page at www.cafba.ca should be where all your searches of the cafba web site start.

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  • Cafba Celebrations

    • 01 Nov 2005 fourteenth Cafba Newsletter issued

    • Birthdays in Nov - Happy Birthday Y'All
    • bdaycake (2K)
      Birthdate Last Name First Name
      01-Nov Johnstone Bill
      01-Nov Moore Maureen
      03-Nov Bourdon Buzz
      05-Nov Cox Donna
      05-Nov Millington David
      07-Nov Taylor Andrew
      08-Nov Bagnell Patti
      10-Nov Paris Rebecca
      11-Nov Edlund Brian
      11-Nov Sauve Marie
      14-Nov Shaw Frankie (Frances)
      16-Nov Anderson Dale
      19-Nov Sear Gloria
      20-Nov Lowry Stephen
      21-Nov Frank Ian
      23-Nov MacKinnon Murray
      25-Nov Wilson Cindy
      26-Nov Odell Patricia (Patsy)
      27-Nov Harvie Barry
      27-Nov Tamblyn Cameron
      27-Nov Wright Bernie
      28-Nov Fertich Wayne
      28-Nov Goulder Debbie
      28-Nov Kelly Steve
      28-Nov Laycock Barrie
      29-Nov Dixon Nancy
      30-Nov Moody Christina

    For those people whose names do not appear but who are also celebrating a B'Day this month, We wish you a Happy Birthday as well. We have only been asking for this data for a short time and not everyone wants it known. If you want yours added, send me a note.

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  • Newsletter Information
  • This is the 14th edition of the cafba newsletter and it just keeps getting better, thanks to you!

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  • Cafba Memberships
  • A recent registrant pointed out that it was his second time registering yet his name had not appeared in the listings.

    Loads of new names have been added to the database in recent months. We still have several yet to be included. As of publication of this newsletter we have over 11,273 names in the database. Are you registered? Go here and register your details now so you can be included in the website.

    All registrations for October 2005 have been added to the web site. We still have a backlog of registrations that I am endeavouring to get to. Unfortunately, just not enough spare time anymore. Please be patient.

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  • Your Opinion Counts!
  • Oct Poll results:

    The Oct 2005 poll, found on the main page of the cafba site, asked the question:

  • Did you contribute to Katrina or Rita hurricane relief?

  • Thanks to everyone who cast their vote. Here are the results of the Oct poll.

    • Total of 12 votes were cast. Down from Sep's 22 votes and a long way from the July total of 25 votes! To those who took the time to vote....Thanks for participating.

      • Yes 4 of 12 votes for 33.00%
      • No 8 of 12 votes for 67.00%

      • Total Votes cast: 12

      Nice to see that a third of us were moved enough by the CNN images to help out our neighbours to the south. Even if relations with them are not what they should be.

    A new poll was started as of 01 Nov 2005.

    Here is the new poll question: Is Remembrance day still worth celebrating?

    Get your vote in. Go to www.cafba.ca and cast your vote from the navigation bar on the right side of the page.

    Have a question you would like surveyed? Email us with your question.

    If you haven't voted yet, please do so - your opinion counts!

    Watch for our next poll starting in Dec 2005.


  • Trivia
  • Here's more from the Fab Four Quiz!

    • How many songs released from 1962-1970 are credited to Ringo?
    • What was john lennon's middle name?
    • What is the longest recorded Beatle's song?
    • Where were all four Beatle's born?
    • What was the name of the club in liverpool where Brian Epstein first saw and heard the Beatles?

    5 More Fab Four Questions next month!

    Answer's to last month's Fab Four Quiz!

    1. John Lennon's first book to be published was...?
    2. "In His Own Write"

    3. What was the name of the John Lennon and Paul McCartney band in 1956?
    4. The Quarreymen

    5. In the song "Number 9", what language, besides English, was used?
    6. Jibberish

    7. What was the name of the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono?
    8. Sean

    9. How many songs (released from 1962-1970) are considered Lennon and McCartney compositions?
    10. 161

    Have you checked out the past trivia contest answers on the cafba website? Answers to the questions can be found at http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/trivia/trivia.htm

    Do you have a good trivia question? Send it in and we will use it in future contests.

  • Newsletter Trivia Question

  • This edition's trivia question:
    take the quiz that all of Canada is talking about. Check your opinions with those of other Canadians. I scored 10 out of 20. What Canadians think about everything!

    Answer in the next newsletter

    Answer to last newsletter's trivia question:

    On the first moon walk Apollo astronauts left messages behind from every country. What did Canada's message say?

    Man reached out and touched the tranquil moon. Puisse ce haut fait permettre a l'homme de redecouvrir la terre et d'y trouver la paix." The french translates as, "May that high accomplishment allow man to rediscover the earth and there find peace."

  • Upcoming Airshows
  • Can you believe it! The airshow season in Canada is almost over for another year!

    Been to an Air Show yet? Take any pictures you care to share?

    Check out upcoming airshows from the cafba website at http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/airshows/airshows.htm

    What do you remember the most about attending an air show when you were young? Check out these shows, they will bring back all those great memories.

    Know of a show that is not listed? Let me know so we can add it to the next newsletter


  • Upcoming Reunions
  • Mail us and let us know of any reunions you are aware of. We will post them here as well as link to any web pages.

    The Mother Of All Reunions Is Being Planned Now! Don't miss out! Sign up for it today! Lets get going on this reunion it's to good an idea to pass up. Check it out on the cafba phorum.

    There are lots of reunions this summer with more planned for future years. If you know of one not listed please let me know so we can include it in the next newsletter

    If you attended a reunion this summer why not share your pictures and memories with us.

    Upcoming Events and Reunions

    • Once again it's Photo Reunion Time! A new location for the Milfoto Reunion has been selected to take place in 8 Wing Trenton (the old CFB Trenton)

      . Mark your calendars now and reserve this weekend for a good time and get together with your fellow photographers. See the website at http://www.milfoto.ca/main_eng.html

    • June 30, July 1 & 2, 2006. Arthur Meighen High School's Homecoming and Farewell. AMHS and Portage Collegiate Institute are being amalgamated into one high school. PCI and Prince Charles School will be used as the new campus, while AMHS will become a middle school. Website with a downloadable registration form being completed. More details to follow. Contact Barb Galbraith for further information or check out the web site at http://www.plpsd.mb.ca/amhs/reunion

    • Brats from Ramstein Air Base in the early 60s are planning a reunion in the summer of 2006. More infor to follow as I get it.

    • July 6th - 8th / 2006 AFCENT (Brunsumm Holland)Winnipeg, MB, Canada 2006 AFCENT reunion. A Reunion for former personnel and their families and former teachers who have been stationed in AFCENT Holland from 1967 on. AFCENT (Brunsumm Holland) was home to a smaller group of Canadian Military personnel and their families. Our home base for the weekend is the Clarion Suites Hotel Winnipeg.If you know of anyone or if you can help in any way in our search for these people, please email me or drop by our web site at www.afcent.ca and leave us a message. Check out our great photos page. What a difference looking at the clothes of then from today. Dave Thompson - afcent@sympatico.ca
    • August 4th - 7th, 2006 Canadian Overseas Brats Reunion Association COBRA III - Calgary 2006 This reunion is for all "Brats" that lived Overseas. More information can be found at http://lahr.myevent.com/

    • 13 September 2006 ALL personnel and their dependants, military or civilian, who served on Starfighter bases during the 1961-1983 Starfighter years. An Alaska Cruise Reunion will depart from and return to Vancouver B.C. Click here for more information http://www3.telus.net/csacruise07/ or check out some additional information on the cafba web site at /cafba/events/starfighter/Starfighter.htm or contact Armin Karcher armincanada@aol.com or Jurgen Koenig, koenig.ZW@t-online.de for further details. We have negotiated a great payment plan with Sears Travel that allows you to book now with no payments due until after your return from the trip. Sears will also make a financial donation for each attendee to a non-profit trust fund to be used to support community project of your choice. See you on the boat!

    • September 15-17, 2006 for 1 Air Division HQ, Metz France. If you were a dependent or a teacher in Metz at anytime, join us in Vancouver, BC for a trip down nostalgia lane while renewing old friends and acqaintances. Website for more info http://www.metzbrats.ca or contact Ron Bauman at rbauman@telus.net for more information. Registration begins 15 Sep 2005.

    • September 15-17, 2006 To those of you that were ever at the #3(F)Wing,RCAF,Zweibrucken,Germany. There is a reunion planned for the "50th" anniversary of the Peter Cunningham Memorial Arena on the 3rd week-end in September of 06. There is a bistro also in the arena,called the "Flyers Bistro" as well there is a hudge German gasthaus along side the arena. Just thought that you'd be pleased to know..........Hank Siemens, RCAF ret.

    • new2007 is the 50th anniversary of Rideau High School, Ottawa. A reunion is scheduled for past faculty and students. The event will include open house, dance and the 2007 annual tournament. Most of the kids from Rockcliffe Air Base went to this high school after it opened in 1957. For further information see http://rideauhigh.com/page8.html

    If you are on one of the upcoming reunion committees and want your reunion profiled, how about sending in some information about the event being planned? How many are you expecting? Where is the farthest BRAT coming from? What social events are planned? What accommodation has been arranged? Where can we register to attend? Is there a web site that we can refer to?

    If you have attended a reunion recently, why not let the other members know how it was. What were your experiences? Would you go back and do it again? Did you reunite with some old school chums? Was it all you expected it to be? Want to share some of your pictures? Write me with the details and we'll include them in the next newsletter.

    For additional details on any of these reunions, check out the reunions page: http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/events/upcoming.htm on the cafba website!

    If your reunion isn't listed, email me and we'll put it in the next newsletter as well as adding it to our site.

  • Cafba Website Navigation
  • Did you know!

    The cafba website averages between 29 - 35 unique visitors each day. Pretty good for a personal web site with only word of mouth advertising

    We have a new navigation bar down the left and right side of the main cafba page at www.cafba.ca

    Do you have a suggestion on how we can improve the site? Please let us know!

    freedom (7K)

  • Base Updates
  • Nick has been at it again! More base pictures have been added! Several great new pictures have been added for Summerside, PEI But be warned, these are pictures of how the bases are today and will bring tears to the eyes of those who lived on the bases in the past.

    Many thanks to Nick Nickerson for these terrific additions to the site. Check out all the base pictures at http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/bases/basepics.html

    Have a picture to share? Email me to arrange transfer

    I know that lots of people have been exploring their past recently and have made visits to the bases where we used to live.

    Not all of us have the luxury of being able to travel back to our past but we all wonder what it is like today!

    Why not share your visit for all to read by writing a review for the cafba news. Let us know what has changed, how you felt, share some memories or even pictures

    For a great collection of base pictures check out Tom Straub's Photo Albums

  • Base Recollections:
    • Cindy Hodgins write about Uplands: It's really sad to see everything gone - I get to the base every couple of years or so for the last 10. My kids had soccer practise there - in the field where the officers' mess used to be and one winter in the old Jr. school gym which really brought back memories. They've turned that wing into a nursery/pre school.
    • David Smith: Just came back from the 50th reunion in Marville it was fantastic.Imagine finding your dad's old office and walking up the apron and seeing a cf-104 parked there. It was very moving.At one point I told my sister to STOP, she froze and I said you are about a metre from where you first stepped down off the Yukon aircraft and about the same place when you took your last step in France..... What a wonderful childhood!
    • I guess it is sort of a badge of honour - how many bases we've been on, but I also think that the more bases we've each been transfered too has made our lives that much more difficult (unstable) as an adult.
    • Check out the base pictures page and see you can recognize the base posted on the where is it page.
      Go here http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/bases/pictures/whereisit/whereisit.htm

    What can you remember? Send in your recollections for the next newsletter.

    Do you have a fond memory of your base? Send it in and let others share in those memories!

  • A Cafba Recommended website
  • Cmon, you surf the net! You have seen some pretty neat web sites.

    Don't keep them to yourself. Share them

    Are you interested in listing your site on the cafba web site? Simply email us the link to your site and provide a brief description of its contents and why you made it.

    You could be our next cafba recommended web site!

    To have your site profiled in this newsletter, contact the webmaster@cafba.ca

  • Found on the Cafba Forum
    • Two more parties interested in the All Bases - All Services reunion that is still in the planning stages. This is the one where a Guiness World Record for reunions could be set. Are you going? Check out the details under the topic PLEASE SIGN UP IF INTERESTED IN A BIG REUNION FOR ALL AIRFORCE BRATS on the cafba forum.
    • Who lived on Mediterranian Dr. in North Bay in 1972.
    • Do you remember Puffed Wheat,Powdered Milk..Remember? Who else had to eat that stuff? i Hear some of the officer's kids even got to eat puffed rice...it even came in a box! lucky kids. I would be in jail today if i gave that stuff to my kids
    • Nothing better on a warm summer's evening than to chase the white cloud, then have a bath, and sit on the front steps in pyjamas eating sugar pie. What a life!
    • as i've said before, Running Behind The Mosquito Fogger, is even better than an ice cream truck.
    • looking for Chris and Tina Connors from Camp Borden Prince of Peace Elementary school and Mylene Thiverege from Trenton Ont.
    • Also looking for Charmaine Gaudreault,Mark Jones,Derry Hinchy,Lori Fisher,Cindy Fraser , twin brothers-Lorne & Lyle ? from Base Borden 1973-1977 all of whom went to Barker P.S. school in 1974.
    • Hey Donna, we are still waiting to find out why your father was called into the CO's office because of what your brother Gerry did in either Greenwood or Val D'Or. Stay tuned BRATS and check the forum under "Another good topic i think: Who had some good run in's with the "MEATHEADS" MP's" for the answer
    • I went there (Camp Borden) after 28 years and was surprised to find out that our old residence was going to be torn down.I was glad that I saw it before that. I still remembered my old address(101 School St.) and how to get there.I first got lost until I came across the Lancaster(now The Billy Barton center)
    • Check out the new forum that can be reached from the main web page under "My Phorum - Click Here" on the left hand navigation bar. Let's hear what is on your mind.
  • Found on the can.military-brats newsgroup
    • Dave wrote:I feel your pain , your despair, your desperation, but with proper counselling you have a chance. A meaningful , useful life, a contributor to society, all possible with time. To be a brat, but never a Greenwood brat, one of life's cruellest twists :-)
    • to whom it may concern: that picture of your dog with a string of bones around his neck. Well all I got to say is return him to doggy stud school, cause thats not what they meant when they talked to him about getting a bone on
    • Natalie Manley is looking for a Military brat named Jennifer Lynn Gilbert, she'd be 29 now and she lives in Victoria, B.C.(last I heard she worked at a bar there), she has 2 brothers, Tom and Mike Gilbert.
  • Brat Chat Musings
  • Link to the Brat Chat here http://ca.geocities.com/canbrat@rogers.com/
    This is not the newsgroup which is found at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/can.military-brats but instead is the live chat room for Brats. Both places are loads of fun and filled with Brats of all ages, descriptions and viewpoints.

    • I want to challenge all the female brats to make it to brat chat next weekend. I was there last Saturday , the only female amongst all the delicious male brats. Eh , guys , you know who you are ...had fun. And thanks to Mordin for some computer solutions.
    • Rumour has it that computerized trivia is returning to Brat Chat on saturday nights. Now there is no excuse not to drop in and say hi.
    • Promises from Dora: Chris , really enjoyed our time in brat chat. Next time I will have my school album right in front of me.
      And when you can, send me my hankie back..clean preferably LOL
      Next time I will bring the booze and munchies.
    chocolate lovers receipes (24K)

    Remember When!

    When I was being raised way back when, going to Church was an important part of our weekly activities. What I learned at Church helped shape me into who I am today and what I care about. All of my church learning was built around the ten commandments.

    People in Texas have trouble with all those "shalls" and "shall nots" in the Ten Commandments.

    Folks here just aren't used to talking in those terms. So, some folks out in west Texas got together and translated the "King James" into "King Ranch" language:

    The Cowboy's Ten Commandments (posted on the wall at Cross Trails Church in Fairlie, Texas)

    • (1) Just one God.
    • (2) Honor yer Ma & Pa.
    • (3) No tellin' tales or gossipin'.
    • (4) Git yourself to Sunday meetin'.
    • (5) Put nothin' before God.
    • (6) No foolin' around with another fellow's gal.
    • (7) No killin.'
    • (8) Watch yer mouth.
    • (9) Don't take what ain't yers.
    • (10) Don't be hankerin' for yer buddy's stuff.

    Now that's kinda plain an' simple, don't ya think?

    Y'all have a good day.

    Do you have a true confession that you would like to share?

    Email us the story and we will include it in a future newsletter!

    Previous true confessions can be found here!

    Until next time! Be Good! But remember you are still a BRAT!

    Make A BRAT Laugh!

    Have a Joke to share? Send it in webmaster@cafba.ca


    A BRAT's Quote!
    Seen on the cafba forum :

    "To eat puffed wheat now would be like eating those styrofoam things they pack boxes with!
    Carol McNamara!

    Find out why by logging onto the forum at http://pub21.bravenet.com/forum/1740310158/show/610023 and checking out Puffed Wheat - Powdered Milk.


    A BRAT's Hall of Fame!

    Every group or organization has its Hall of Fame!

    Why not Bratdom?

    There are lots of Brats's who have achieved recognition in their community through competition or just plain participation.

    We proudly present cafba's fifth member to The Brat's Hall of Fame!

    Kathleen Moors

    Kath is an author, painter, mother and a BRAT

    We salute her for her contribution to creating some of Canada's finest paintings. For providing some wonderful memories in the early days of the newsgroup. For supporting a recognized charity through her participation in the annual Jingle Bell Run.

    This will be Kath's 3rd year participating in the run. Kath recently asked me to support her in her cause. Following is a copy of the email she sent me.

    "This will be the third year that I have participated in the Jingle Bell Run in support of this society. I have been inspired to be a part of this and have decided to ask for your financial support this year.

    Initially, it was my friend Val who invited me to join in the run. She is, to such a great degree, a person I am proud to know for so many reasons. But in this context, she has courageously dealt with the symptoms of arthritis since she was a little girl and has seen other people she loves endure these as well. Her courage and positive approach to life can only serve as an inspiration to others and I know I speak for our common friends when I say this...When we see Val head for the summit of a mountain and make it with a shared YIPPEE at the top, and then more painfully, make it down to the parking lot.. Then we can only stop ourselves from grumbling about absolutely anything! Her sense of humour and her ability to take on every challenge, are qualities that we can only learn from.

    I remember rubbing Deep Heat into my Gramma's back when it ached so badly from the affects of arthritis that she made crying sounds that were almost like whimpers. She was so grateful for the soothing heat and I regretted that I couldn't go on and on massaging her. My Gramma was a strong woman to endure so many years in so much pain. I want to run, in part, for her.

    Some of my close friends and certainly my children know that I have had pain in my fingers for almost four years now. I have been treated with medicine for this for the past year and am enjoying some relief as a result, but I fight to continue to be agile and am constantly looking for new 'tricks' to deal with the stiffness. My sweet carpenter-friend built and installed a jar opener in my kitchen for my 50th birthday and I've got to say that it is a wonderful thing.

    For these and so many other reasons, I am participating again this year.

    I thank you for considering supporting me in this cause.and just like you to keep up with 'stuff' I'm up to regardless.

    Sending out warmth on a wintry day!


    I think she deserves our support and I am asking you to help out! Please make a donation on behalf of Kath, or get out and join the run yourself. Support a very worthwhile cause.

    You have been invited to pledge Kathleen Moors in the Jingle Bell Run - Alberta & NWT in support of The Arthritis Society.

    Secure online donations can be made with your credit card and an electronic tax receipt will be sent to you by email. You can make an online donation now:


    Kathleen will be raising funds to support proactive efforts directed towards prevention, diagnosis, treatment and a cure for arthritis. Your pledge will help give Hope to the nearly 4 million Canadians living with this debilitating disease.

    For more information about the Jingle Bell Run - Alberta & NWT, or to join us on November 13, please visit www.arthritis.ca/alberta.

    Thank you for your generous support.

    The Arthritis Society AB & NWT


  • Other Brat Sites
  • There are lots of sites dedicated to Bratdom. Cafba is just one of many!

    This issue we look at http://www.pinetreeline.org/ This web site is dedicated to the many thousands of men and women who spent a part of their life on the Pinetree Line. It was the love and life of Ren L'Ecuyer. It is hoped that this site will contine well into the future.

    The following is a list of known brat related sites

    This list is as accurate as I know at this time! If your site is missing, or you find a broken link, please let me know.

    next publication set for Dec 2005

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