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Cafba News - Sep 2005
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In This Issue:

  1. Welcome Back
  2. Where To Begin
  3. Today's Quote - Yesterday's Saying
  4. Get Your Free Gift
  5. Cafba Website Updates
    • The Main Page!
    • Cafba Celebrations - Happy Birthday!
    • Newsletter Signups
    • Cafba Memberships
    • Your Opinion Counts!
    • Trivia
    • Airshows
    • Upcoming Reunions
    • Cafba Website Navigation
    • Base Updates
    • Base Recollections
    • A CAFBA Recommended Site
    • A CAFBA Recommended Book
  6. What the BRAT's Are Saying!
  7. Confessions of A BRAT!
  8. Make A Brat Laugh
  9. A Brat's Quote
  10. The Brat's Hall of Fame
  11. The List of Brat Sites
  • Welcome Back

  • Welcome to this Sep 2005 12th edition of the Cafba News! This edition is jammed pack with lots of new things!

    We hope you enjoy it!

    abflag1 (20K) clover (15K) abflag1 (20K)

    Happy 100th Alberta!

    Have you bought all your school supplies? Hard to believe that summer vacation is over! School zones are back in effect. Homework is here again!

    This is the Sep 2005 edition of the cafba newsletter. While recent issues have been sporadic we hope that you have enjoyed them.

    A special welcome to all of the new subscribers. Thanks for subscribing to this free newsletter from www.cafba.ca. Please tell your friends about this newsletter.

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    Where to begin!

    This is your newsletter - If you have a comment - let's hear it!

    2005 is the year of the veteran.

    In response to "the year of the veteran" we are offering to put together "A Brat's Tribute To The Vets". We propose to produce an electronic version of your stories, thoughts and memories about your military parents and what their actions in service have meant to you and your children

    To date we have received several stories that will be included in the Brat's Tribute To The Vets. Thanks to those who have contributed. There is still time for those who wish to contribute to send in your short story. I would like to commence compiling the ebook in September so please send in your stories.

    How about what it is like being the child of a military person. Someone who fought and died for the way of life that we celebrate today.

    How does it affect you? How has it changed you? How is your life different from your parents?

    Were you told stories about your military family members that either didn't make it back or did but weren't the same after their ordeal.

    let's compile "A Brat's Salute to The Vets." I'll take on the job of compiling an electronic collection of the stories into a pdf format book.

    Your stories need not be long in nature. Just a glimpse into who your military hero was and something that reminds you of how they changed your life by serving their Country! What he/she means to you today.

    "We have inherited a view of the world that is somehow different because we were raised in military homes or around military folk"....Kath Moors as posted on the can.military-brats newsgroup. Jun 23, 2:18 pm"

    Let's share that different world with everyone, out of respect for those who served in the military and who have given us the life we cherish today!

    Looking forward to hearing those stories. Send them to me at alan@cafba.ca

    Each participating member will receive a free copy of this production.

    Today's quotation:

    "Inflation is when your nest egg is no longer something to crow about!"

    Author unknown!

    Yesterday's saying:

    "Live life one lump at a time" - unknown

    A new daily quote is shown on cafba main page

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    Cafba Website Updates

  • The Main Page!

    The left hand side navigation bar has the "new Phorum" that can be accessed under "Click Here - Enter My Forum!" Stop on by and leave your two cents worth.

    The main entry page at www.cafba.ca should be where all your searches of the cafba web site start.

    It will always contain the latest polls ( get your vote in!); a place to subscribe to the newsletter; the most up to date links to the rest of the site; as well as a cartoon or joke to put a smile on your face.

    It will occasionally have some comment and of course it will always have links to our sponsors, as it is they that help keep the site free!

    So start all of your visits to the cafba web site here www.cafba.ca

  • Cafba Celebrations

    • Alberta turns 100 years young!
    • 01 Sep 2005 twelth Cafba Newsletter issued

    • Birthdays in Sep - Happy Birthday Y'All
    • bdaycake (2K)
      Birthdate Last Name First Name
      01-Sep Fox Lynn
      01-Sep Pelletier Helene
      01-Sep Willis Mary
      02-Sep Burr Faith
      03-Sep White Carolyn
      04-Sep Richard Gilles
      04-Sep Hladun Susan
      04-Sep MacLeod Alan
      05-Sep McKenney Brian
      05-Sep Smith David
      06-Sep Nichols Beverley (Bev)
      08-Sep Senechal Lise
      08-Sep Wentzell David
      09-Sep Pilbrow Rod
      10-Sep Mawhinney Angie
      12-Sep Elkes Linda
      13-Sep Goodbody Brenda
      13-Sep Griffith Karen
      13-Sep Ricketts Ian
      13-Sep Ricketts Raymond
      14-Sep Kellerman Rodger
      14-Sep Lloyd W
      15-Sep Howarth Joyce
      15-Sep Prezeau Gerald (Gerry)
      16-Sep Spruston Barry
      17-Sep Smith Robert (Bob)
      18-Sep Newman Jack (John)
      24-Sep Dack Vicky
      24-Sep Fraser Christine
      25-Sep Cole Nickia
      27-Sep Headland Chris
      28-Sep Crowder Barbara
      28-Sep Goyette Janel
      29-Sep Kennedy Glen
      30-Sep Amyot Brenda
      30-Sep Mancuso Pauline

    For those people whose names do not appear but who are also celebrating a B'Day this month, We wish you a Happy Birthday as well. We have only been asking for this data for a short time and not everyone wants it known. If you want yours added, send me a note.

  • Newsletter signups
  • This is the 12th edition of the cafba newsletter and it just keeps getting better, thanks to you!

    Thanks to all of the new subscribers. If you have signed up but don't receive notification about the newsletter, perhaps you didn't confirm your email address at the time of subscribing. You will receive a confirmation email that must be replied to before your subscription is complete.

    Please share this copy with your friends. If they would like their own copy delivered to their inbox send them here.

    More and more mail servers are blocking attachments to emails or are scanning for known s*p*a*m words. We have experienced delivery problems to AOL, specifically and some free email address sites such as hotmail, netscape or yahoo.

    So to avoid these delivery problems you will only receive a text message to let you know the newsletter has been published and where to find it.

    Previous newsletter editions can be found here.

  • Cafba Memberships
  • Loads of new names have been added to the database in recent months. We still have several yet to be included. As of publication of this newsletter we have over 11,156 names in the database. Are you registered? Go here and register your details now so you can be included in the website.

    We still have a backlog of registrations that I am endeavouring to get to. Unfortunately, just not enough spare time anymore. Please be patient.

    A listing of the latest new members can be found here: http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/members/newest/newest.html.

  • Your Opinion Counts!
  • Aug Poll results:

    The Aug 2005 poll, found on the main page of the cafba site, asked the question:

  • Are you afraid of Retirement?

  • Thanks to everyone who cast their vote. Here are the results of the Aug poll.

    • Total of 17 votes were cast. A small decrese from the July total of 25 votes only! Thanks for participating.
      • Yes - Too Young! 0 of 17 votes for 0.00%
      • No - Looking Forward To It! 10 of 17 votes for 59%
      • Already Retired - Too late To Be Afraid 3 of 17 votes for 18%
      • Whats There To Be Afraid Of? 4 of 17 votes for 24%
      • Total Votes: 17

    A new poll was started as of 01 Sep 2005.

    Here is the new poll question: Should we eliminate the position of Governor General?

    Get your vote in. Go to www.cafba.ca and cast your vote from the navaigation bar on the right side of the page.

    Have a question you would like surveyed? Email us with your question.

    If you haven't voted yet, please do so - your opinion counts!

    Watch for our next poll starting in Oct 2005.

  • Trivia
  • Here's a small Trivia contest. It's called the Fab Four Quiz!

    1. What is Ringo Starr's real name?
    2. What was the beatle's debut album?
    3. Which Beatle's tune includes the lyric "Sleep pretty darlingdo not cry, and I will sing you a lullaby"?
    4. Which beatle's tune includes the lyrics "I feel as though you ought to know, that I've been good, as good as I can be"?
    5. In the song "Penny lane", what does the banker never wear in the pouring rain?

    Have you checked out the past trivia contest answers on the cafba website? Answers to the questions can be found at http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/trivia/trivia.htm

    Do you have a good trivia question? Send it in and we will use it in future contests.

  • Newsletter Trivia Question

  • This edition's trivia question:

    What is the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar?

    Answer in the next newsletter

    Answer to last newsletter's trivia question:

    A "jiffy" is an actual unit of time. What is its equivalent in seconds?

    A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.
  • Upcoming Airshows
  • Been to an Air Show yet? Take any pictures you care to share?

    Check out upcoming airshows from the cafba website at http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/airshows/airshows.htm

    What do you remember the most about attending an air show when you were young? Check out these shows, they will bring back all those great memories.

    Know of a show that is not listed? Let me know so we can add it to the next newsletter

  • Upcoming Reunions
  • The Mother Of All Reunions Is Being Planned Now! Don't miss out! Sign up for it today! Lets get going on this reunion it's to good an idea to pass up. Check it out on the cafba phorum.

    There are lots of reunions this summer with more planned for future years. If you know of one not listed please let me know so we can include it in the next newsletter

    If you attended a reunion this summer why not share your pictures and memories with us.

    Upcoming Events and Reunions

    Mail us and let us know of any reunions you are aware of. We will post them here as well as link to any web pages.

    • September 1-5, 2005 Marville Airbase 50 th birthay celebrations. For more information, you can contact Ms Taous LAFRAD 10 Résidence Canadienne Block B Rue du Québec B 54260 Longuyon France tlafrad@ausy.fr Phone : 011+333663347642 or Pierre BAAR Rue de la Station 22 B6762 St Mard Belgique Pierre.baar@cec.eu.int Phone : 011+3263578850 See more details here
    • September 16-18, 2005 for All Serving and Retired Members of the Military Photographic Community.

      Once again it's Photo Reunion Time! A new location for the Milfoto Reunion has been selected to take place in 8 Wing Trenton (the old CFB Trenton)

      . Mark your calendars now and reserve this weekend for a good time and get together with your fellow photographers. See the website at http://www.milfoto.ca/main_eng.html

    • Brats from Ramstein Air Base in the early 60s are planning a reunion in the summer of 2006. More infor to follow as I get it.

    • July 6th - 8th / 2006 AFCENT (Brunsumm Holland)Winnipeg, MB, Canada 2006 AFCENT reunion. A Reunion for former personnel and their families and former teachers who have been stationed in AFCENT Holland from 1967 on. AFCENT (Brunsumm Holland) was home to a smaller group of Canadian Military personnel and their families. Our home base for the weekend is the Clarion Suites Hotel Winnipeg.If you know of anyone or if you can help in any way in our search for these people, please email me or drop by our web site at www.afcent.ca and leave us a message. Check out our great photos page. What a difference looking at the clothes of then from today. Dave Thompson - afcent@sympatico.ca
    • August 4th - 7th, 2006 Canadian Overseas Brats Reunion Association COBRA III - Calgary 2006 This reunion is for all "Brats" that lived Overseas. More information can be found at http://lahr.myevent.com/

    • 13 September 2006 ALL personnel and their dependants, military or civilian, who served on Starfighter bases during the 1961-1983 Starfighter years. An Alaska Cruise Reunion will depart from and return to Vancouver B.C. Click here for more information http://www3.telus.net/csacruise07/ or check out some additional information on the cafba web site at /cafba/events/starfighter/Starfighter.htm or contact Armin Karcher armincanada@aol.com or Jurgen Koenig, koenig.ZW@t-online.de for further details. We have negotiated a great payment plan with Sears Travel that allows you to book now with no payments due until after your return from the trip. Sears will also make a financial donation for each attendee to a non-profit trust fund to be used to support community project of your choice. See you on the boat!

    • September 15-17, 2006 for 1 Air Division HQ, Metz France. If you were a dependent or a teacher in Metz at anytime, join us in Vancouver, BC for a trip down nostalgia lane while renewing old friends and acqaintances. Website for more info http://www.metzbrats.ca or contact Ron Bauman at rbauman@telus.net for more information. Registration begins 15 Sep 2005.

    • September 15-17, 2006 To those of you that were ever at the #3(F)Wing,RCAF,Zweibrucken,Germany. There is a reunion planned for the "50th" anniversary of the Peter Cunningham Memorial Arena on the 3rd week-end in September of 06. There is a bistro also in the arena,called the "Flyers Bistro" as well there is a hudge German gasthaus along side the arena. Just thought that you'd be pleased to know..........Hank Siemens, RCAF ret.

    • new2007 is the 50th anniversary of Rideau High School, Ottawa. A reunion is scheduled for past faculty and students. The event will include open house, dance and the 2007 annual tournament. Most of the kids from Rockcliffe Air Base went to this high school after it opened in 1957. For further information see http://rideauhigh.com/page8.html

    If you are on one of the upcoming reunion committees and want your reunion profiled, how about sending in some information about the event being planned? How many are you expecting? Where is the farthest BRAT coming from? What social events are planned? What accommodation has been arranged? Where can we register to attend? Is there a web site that we can refer to?

    If you have attended a reunion recently, why not let the other members know how it was. What were your experiences? Would you go back and do it again? Did you reunite with some old school chums? Was it all you expected it to be? Want to share some of your pictures? Write me with the details and we'll include them in the next newsletter.

    For additional details on any of these reunions, check out the reunions page: http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/events/upcoming.htm on the cafba website!

    If your reunion isn't listed, email me and we'll put it in the next newsletter as well as adding it to our site.

  • Cafba Website Navigation
  • Did you know!

    We have a new navigation bar down the left and right side of the main cafba page at www.cafba.ca

    We have corrected many of the "Neighbours" links this month making it quicker to find those lost friends

    Did you miss out on the previous newsletters?

    They are now archived at http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/newsletter/newsletters.html

    Do you need a text only version of the newsletter?

    Do you have a suggestion on how we can improve the site? Please let us know!

    freedom (7K)

  • Base Updates
  • Have you seen the new base pictures yet? Some great new pictures, courtesy of Suzanne Dupuis have been added for Mont Apica and Mountainview bases.

    Many thanks to all who have contributed. check out the pictures at http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/bases/basepics.html

    I know that lots of people have been exploring their past recently and have made visits to the bases where we used to live.

    Not all of us have the luxury of being able to travel back to our past but we all wonder what it is like today!

    Why not share your visit for all to read by writing a review for the cafba news. Let us know what has changed, how you felt, share some memories or even pictures

  • Base Recollections:
    • " i went back two years ago and everything was gone..both pools,mess halls,everything except the gym was still there with the bowling alley in it.
      Where was he talking about? Check out the cafba phorum to find out.
    • Lots of things had changed on the Clinton base - some of the base buildings were in very sad shape - the townhouse (row houses) PMQ's are part of a strata development - the barracks are in very sad shape - the school (AM Hugh Campbell) is being used as a church - the park appears to have less trees

    What can you remember? Send in your recollections for the next newsletter.

    Do you have a fond memory of your base? Send it in and let others share in those memories!

  • A Cafba Recommended website

    This site contains a registry of information about the graves and memorials of more than 116,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who served valiantly and gave their lives for their country. Included on this site are the memorials of more than 100 soldiers who died in service to Canada since the Korean War, including peacekeeping and other operations. The site also contains digital images of photographs and personal memorabilia about individual Canadians. The purpose of the Canadian Virtual War Memorial is to recognize and keep alive the memory of the achievements and sacrifices made by those who served Canada in the defence of freedom and so have contributed to the development of Canada as a nation.


    Are you interested in listing your site on the cafba web site? Simply email us the link to your site and provide a brief description of its contents and why you made it.

    You could be our next cafba recommended web site!

    To have your site profiled in this newsletter, contact the webmaster@cafba.ca

  • A Cafba Recommended Book!

  • garage sales (23K)

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  • Found on the Cafba Bulletin Board
    • Since my dad took early retirement just as I was becoming a teen I then would have to say Jericho Beach in Vancouver, B.C. It was great living across from a beach. It was back in the time when hippies were talked of and hung out on 4th ave not far from the base. How cool was that being able to see a real live hippie. LOL
    • This is a suggestion to help find and inform people of a brat reunion in North Bay. For those who are registered at Classmates site and Gradfinder, you could post notices on schools that have accomodated military brats. This would help to get the word out there.
    • There is no better feeling than finding an old friend from years gone by and as stated in an earlier post,it is something civi kids didn't have to go through,moving every 3-5yrs and losing and making new friends all over again.
    • Rideau High is where most of the kids from Rockcliffe Air Base went to High School until other schools were built later in the 60's.
      Did you know a huge reunion is planned for the school? Check out cafba base reunions at reunions page: http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/events/upcoming.htm on the cafba website!
    • Check out the new bulletin board that can be reached from the main web page under "My Phorum - Click Here" on the left hand navigation bar. Let's hear what is on your mind.

  • Found on the can.military-brats newsgroup
    • Darlene LeBlanc formerly of Winninpeg circa 1986....someone is looking for you!
    • Air Force Assn has had a query from a member wanting to know how one obtains a replacement birth certificate for a dependent born at Grostenquin.....have you any ideas who or where to approach???
    • To not draw your daily ration of rum in the Navy, gave you an entitlement of extra pay! What was the amount of extra pay earned?
    • Many brats from overseas, especially North Luffenham, Metz, Marville and Grostenquin as well as any Pinetree Line Radar Brats may be familiar with Ren L'Ecuyer.

      Ren created a number of websites related to the above locations which provided a unique and comprehensive treasury of life in the military as both a member and a brat during the Cold War years.

      Ren passed away on July 23 after a battle with cancer.

      Bratdom has lost part of its foundation!

    • Eating champion gulps 35 brats in 10 minutes...were you one of them?
    • Link to the Brat Chat here http://ca.geocities.com/canbrat@rogers.com/
      This is not the newsgroup which is found at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/can.military-brats but instead is the live chat room for Brats. Both places are loads of fun and filled witrh Brats of all ages, descriptions and viewpoints.

    Confessions of a BRAT!

    Do you have a true confession that you would like to share?

    Email us the story and we will include it in a future newsletter!

    Previous true confessions can be found here!

    Until next time! Be Good! But remember you are still a BRAT!

    Make A BRAT Laugh!

    Have a Joke to share? Send it in webmaster@cafba.ca

    A BRAT's Quote!
    Seen on the can.military-brats newsgroup:

    "I can top your story and outdo you at the Klutzes award: I managed to bang my head and bruise my ankle at the same time, trying to get into a golf cart with my hands full and a ball cap on my head

    Find out why by logging onto the newsgroup at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/can.military-brats.

    A BRAT's Hall of Fame!

    Every group or organization has its Hall of Fame!

    Why not Bratdom?

    There are lots of Brats's who have achieved recognition in their community through competition or just plain participation.

    We proudly present cafba's third member to The Brat's Hall of Fame!

    Ren L'Ecuyer.

    Ren created a number of websites related to North Luffenham, Metz, Marville and Grostenquin as well as many of the Pinetree Line Radar locations which provided a unique and comprehensive treasury of life in the military as both a member and a brat during the Cold War years.

    In memory of his contribution to Bratdom, we honorably admit him to The Brat's Hall Of fame! Do you know someone who should be next month's hall of famer? Send us your nominations!

  • Other Brat Sites
  • There are lots of sites dedicated to Bratdom. Cafba is just one of many!

    This issue we look at http://www.pinetreeline.org/ This web site is dedicated to the many thousands of men and women who spent a part of their life on the Pinetree Line. It was the love and life of Ren L'Ecuyer. It is hoped that this site will contine well into the future.

    The following is a list of known brat related sites

    This list is as accurate as I know at this time! If your site is missing, or you find a broken link, please let me know.

    next publication set for Oct 2005

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