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Cafba News - Jun 2005
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In This Issue:

  1. Welcome Back
  2. Today's Quote - Yesterday's Saying
  3. Get Your Free Gift
  4. Cafba Website Updates
    • The Main Page!
    • Happy Birthday!
    • Newsletter Signups
    • Cafba Memberships
    • Your Opinion Counts!
    • Trivia
    • It's Air Show Time
    • Upcoming Reunions
    • Airshows
    • Cafba Website Navigation
    • Base Updates
    • Base Recollections
    • A CAFBA Recommended Site
    • Confessions of A BRAT!
  5. Make A Brat Laugh
  6. What the BRAT's Are Saying!
  7. The List of Brat Sites
  • Welcome Back

  • Welcome to this Jun 2005 edition of the Cafba News!

    clover (15K)

    Yes, you read that correctly. This is the Jun 2005 edition. It has been just over a year since the cafba news first appeared. While recent issues have been sporadic we hope that you have enjoyed them.

    A special thanks to all of the new subscribers. The response continues to be overwhelming. Thanks for subscribing to this free newsletter from www.cafba.ca. Please tell your friends about this newsletter.

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    Where to begin!

    This is your newsletter - If you have a comment - let's hear it!

    Today's quotation:

    "the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people said I cannot do"

    the Dangerous One - Dora

    Yesterday's saying:

    "A penny saved is a penny earned. - Scottish Proverb"

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    Cafba Website Updates

    • The Main Page!

      After loosing the server and all of the 5 years of bulletin board postings, we are almost back to normal

      The main entry page at www.cafba.ca should be where all your searches of the cafba web site start.

      It will always contain the latest polls; a place to subscribe to the newsletter; the most up to date links to the rest of the site.

      It will occasionally have some comment and of course it will always have links to our sponsors, as it is they that help keep the site free!

      So start all of your visits to the cafba web site here www.cafba.ca

    • Cafba Celebrations

      • 10 Jun 2005 ninth Cafba Newsletter issued

      • Birthdays in Jun - Happy Birthday Y'All
      • bdaycake (2K)
        Birthdate Last Name First Name
        01-Jun Tymchuk Erika
        02-Jun Fuller Bruce
        02-Jun Randle Greg
        03-Jun Houghton Debbie
        04-Jun Moody Bill
        04-Jun Rustulka Sandy
        06-Jun Schick Jeri
        07-Jun Baker Bryan
        07-Jun Barker Debbie
        07-Jun Jaffray Douglas
        08-Jun Mason Shirley
        12-Jun Hubel Karen
        13-Jun Denton Dave
        13-Jun McLaughlin Janet
        14-Jun Aver Scott
        15-Jun Mulcahy Jacqueline
        18-Jun Veenstra Don
        19-Jun Hammond Toni
        19-Jun Diamond Jo-Anne
        23-Jun MacNEIL Ronald (Ron)
        23-Jun Granger Chris
        24-Jul Ward John
        24-Jun Cowtan Bonnie
        25-Jun Johnstone Diane
        29-Jun Savelle James
        30-Jun Kervin John
        30-Jun Matheson Jack
        30-Jun Griffin Robert
        30-Jun Johnson A

      For those people whose names do not appear but who are also celebrating a B'Day this month, We wish you a Happy Birthday as well. We have only been asking for this data for a short time and not everyone wants it known. If you want yours added, send me a note.

    • Newsletter signups
    • This is the 9th edition of the cafba newsletter.

      Thanks to all of the new subscribers. If you have signed up but don't receive notification about the newsletter, perhaps you didn't confirm your email address at the time of subscribing. You will receive a confirmation email that must be replied to before your subscription is complete.

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      So to avoid these delivery problems you will only receive a text message to let you know the newsletter has been published and where to find it.

      Previous newsletter editions can be found here.

    • Cafba Memberships
    • Loads of new names have been added to the database in recent months. we also have several yet to be included. As of publication of this newsletter we have over 11,000 names in the database. Are you registered? Go here and register your details now so you can be included in the website.

      We still have a backlog of registrations that I am endeavouring to get to. Unfortunately, just not enough spare time anymore. Please be patient.

      A listing of the latest new members can be found here: http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/members/newest/newest.html.

    • Your Opinion Counts!
    • May Poll results:

      The May 2005 poll, found on the main page of the cafba site, asked the question:

    • In lite of the Gomery Inquiry, should we have a spring election?

    • Thanks to everyone who cast their vote. Here are the results of the early July poll.

      • Total of 28 votes were cast.
        • 11 Yes votes for 39% of total
        • 5 No votes for 18% of total
        • Not yet (1) 4%
        • Finish the Inquiry first (11) 39%
        • Total Votes: 28

      A new poll was started as of 10 Jun 2005.

      Here is the new poll question: What is most important to You?

      Get your vote in.

      Have a question you would like surveyed? Email us with your question.

      If you haven't voted yet, please do so - your opinion counts!

      Watch for our next poll starting in Jul 2005.

    • Trivia
    • Have you checked out the trivia contest answers on the cafba website? Answers to the questions can be found at http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/trivia/trivia.htm

      Do you have a good trivia question? Send it in and we will use it in future contests.

    This edition's trivia question: Who was the only US President to be ever granted a patent and what was it for?

    Answer in the next newsletter

  • Upcoming Airshows
  • Been to an Air Show yet? Take any pictures you care to share?

    What do you remember the most about attending an air show when you were young? Check out these shows, they will bring back all those great memories.

    • Now in their 35th season, the Snowbirds have flown for over 100 million spectators across North America.

      The Canadian Forces Snowbirds 2005 Schedule can be found by visiting their web site at http://www.snowbirds.forces.gc.ca/index_e.asp to see lots of great pictures from past shows

      Going away on vacation and you might miss your local air show? Take a peek here to see lots of international air shows listed.

      Know of a show that is not listed? Let me know so we can add it to the next newsletter

    • Upcoming Reunions
    • There are lots of reunions this summer with more planned for future years. If you know of one not listed please let me know so we can include it in the next newsletter

      • 7th - 10th July 2005 There will be a P.C.I. reunion in Portage la Prairie,MB. in the first week of July,2005.As the C.F.B. base at Southport had no highschool all the base brats went to P.C.I. The reunion is for anyone whosoever went to the school. The website is www.pcireunion.ca.

      • July 15, 2005. Chatham New Brunswick. There will be a high school reunion for James M. Hill High School class of 1980. This would include dependants who lived either at CFB Chatham or CFS St. Margarets. Inquiries should be directed to jmhclassof1980@yahoo.ca
        Dr. Greg MacDiarmid
        UW 1988
        Miramichi, New Brunswick CANADA
        Tel: (506) 627-0250 Fax: (506) 627-0251
        E-mail: duffie@nbnet.nb.ca Web: www.mirop.ca

      • August 06/07 2005 Cold Lake/Grand Centre/Medley get together for everybody and anybody from the area from 1965 to 1985. We have over 175 ex-Cold Lakers already and it will be held In Edmonton. The contact is Mike Oliver at pmrj@shaw.ca
      • A reunion for all 4 Wingers who attended 4 Wing Senior High in the 1960 to 1970 decade is in the works! Information on the event can be found at: http://members.rogers.com/4winghigh/index.htm Ph:519-421-1612
      • Summer 2005 A reunion is being planned in Shilo summer 2005. Watch for details to be posted here later, or contact SugarShack55 (bandj@mazinaw.on.ca)

      • 07-10 July 2005 PineTree Radar Line Personnel: a gathering and reunion of all ranks and all trades of US and Canadian military and civilian personnel and their families in the joint cities of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and Michigan.

      • 29-31 Jul 2005 Base Borden Collegiate Institute Reunion for all students who attended from 1967-1971. More information is available on the classmates website www.classmates.com

      • September 1-5, 2005 Marville Airbase 50 th birthay celebrations. For more information, you can contact Ms Taous LAFRAD 10 Résidence Canadienne Block B Rue du Québec B 54260 Longuyon France tlafrad@ausy.fr Phone : 011+333663347642 or Pierre BAAR Rue de la Station 22 B6762 St Mard Belgique Pierre.baar@cec.eu.int Phone : 011+3263578850 See more details here
      • Brats from Ramstein Air Base in the early 60s are planning a reunion in the summer of 2006. More info to follow as I get it.

      • July 6th - 8th / 2006 AFCENT (Brunsumm Holland)Winnipeg, MB, Canada 2006 AFCENT reunion. A Reunion for former personnel and their families and former teachers who have been stationed in AFCENT Holland from 1967 on. AFCENT (Brunsumm Holland) was home to a smaller group of Canadian Military personnel and their families. Our home base for the weekend is the Clarion Suites Hotel Winnipeg.If you know of anyone or if you can help in any way in our search for these people, please email me or drop by our web site at www.afcent.ca and leave us a message. Check out our great photos page. What a difference looking at the clothes of then from today. Dave Thompson - afcent@sympatico.ca
      • August 4th - 7th, 2006 Canadian Overseas Brats Reunion Association COBRA III - Calgary 2006 This reunion is for all "Brats" that lived Overseas. More information can be found at http://www.geocities.com/dixiea2004/index.html

    If you are on one of the upcoming reunion committees and want your reunion profiled, how about sending in some information about the event being planned? How many are you expecting? Where is the farthest BRAT coming from? What social events are planned? What accommodation has been arranged? Where can we register to attend? Is there a web site that we can refer to?

    If you have attended a reunion recently, why not let the other members know how it was. What were your experiences? Would you go back and do it again? Did you reunite with some old school chums? Was it all you expected it to be? Want to share some of your pictures? Write me with the details and we'll include them in the next newsletter.

    For additional details on any of these reunions, check out the reunions page: http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/events/upcoming.htm on the cafba website!

    If your reunion isn't listed, email me and we'll put it in the next newsletter

  • Cafba Website Navigation
  • Did you know!

    We have a new navigation bar down the left side of the main cafba page at www.cafba.ca

    Did you miss out on the previous newsletters?

    They are now archived at http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/newsletter/newsletters.html

    Do you need a text only version of the newsletter?

    Do you have a suggestion on how we can improve the site? Please let us know!

    freedom (7K)

  • Base Updates

  • Have you seen the new base pictures yet?

    Many thanks to all who have contributed. check out the pictures at http://grahamlange.homelinux.com/cafba/bases/basepics.html

    I know that lots of people have been exploring their past recently and have made visits to the bases where we used to live.

    Not all of us have the luxury of being able to travel back to our past but we all wonder what it is like today!

    Why not share your visit for all to read by writing a review for the cafba news. Let us know what has changed, how you felt, share some memories or even pictures

  • Base Recollections:

    What can you remember? Send in your recollections for the next newsletter.

    Do you have a fond memory of your base? Send it in and let others share in those memories!

  • A Cafba Recommended website
  • Do you have your own web site?

    Are you interested in listing your site on the cafba web site? Simply email us the link to your site and provide a brief description of its contents and why you made it.

    You could be our next cafba recommended web site!

    To have your site profiled in this newsletter, contact the webmaster@cafba.ca

  • Found on the Cafba Bulletin Board
      • A one time huge reunion for all Airforce Basebrats at one location, central to us all and get most of it possibly sponsered by the Liberals/ federal
      • How many bases have you lived on? Who has lived on the most bases?
      • did you run behind the mosquito fogger like it was a parade?
      • Do you know the green pickle is?
      • Check out the new bulletin board that can be reached from the main web page under "My Phorum - Click Here" on the left hand navigation bar. Let's hear what is on your mind.

    Confessions of a BRAT!


    Remember When

    by Alan Jackson

    ----Remastered by Dora------

    Remember when,
    way back when we would lurk
    once were new ,
    virtual base we call home
    You made a friend,
    then some more
    You were welcomed ,
    felt like home
    Remember when

    Remember when,
    Les and Panther used to post
    there was Jeff
    life friends till the end
    it was fun
    we threw pies
    there was teasing ,
    there was snickers
    Remember when

    Remember when,
    we would move and then were gone
    And life does change,
    disassembled, rearranged
    We came together, once again
    to live in each other's hearts
    Remember When

    Remember when
    Rasta sang his songs
    he wore his hats
    We laughed from cheek to cheek
    He had his rum,and his wits
    vowed he'd never give them up
    Remember when

    Remember when
    Brats didn't seem so old
    Now lookin' back,
    it was all just sticks and stones
    To where we are,
    where we've been
    Said we'd do it all again
    Remember when

    Remember when
    we said we'd never go
    then our friends
    they grew up and moved away
    We won't be sad, we'll be glad
    For all the friends we've had
    And we'll remember when
    Remember when
    Remember when

    Previous true confessions can be found here!

    Until next time! Be Good! But remember you are still a BRAT!

    Make A BRAT Laugh!

    Have a Joke to share? Send it in webmaster@cafba.ca

    A BRAT's Quote!
    Seen on the can.military-brats newsgroup:
    "Poison Control will now be on my speed dialer..Rasta"
    Find out why by logging onto the newsgroup.

  • Other Brat Sites
  • This list is as accurate as I know at this time! If your site is missing, or you find a broken link, please let me know.

    next publication set for Jul 2005

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