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Cafba News - 14 May 2004 - Volume 2
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In This Issue:

  1. Welcome Back
  2. A Response To "The Beginning!"
  3. Today's Quote - Yesterday's Saying
  4. Get Your Free Gift
  5. Cafba Website Updates
    • The Main Page!
    • Happy Birthday!
    • Newsletter Signups
    • Cafba Memberships
    • Your Opinion Counts!
    • Trivia
    • Upcoming Reunions
    • Cafba Website Navigation
    • A CAFBA Recommended Site
    • Confessions of A BRAT!
  6. What the BRAT's Are Saying!
  7. The List of Brat Sites
  8. The editor's thoughts

Welcome to this 14th May 2004, second edition of Cafba News!

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Where to begin!

I wanted to share some of the comments and feedback that I have received from the first newsletter from 29 April 2004

Remember it is only fair, to you, that you have some say in where this newsletter goes and your contributions are welcome.

How you expressed your thoughts on the last newsletter.

  • Great to see #1.........looking forward to May 14 and #2.........will think of subject matter and/or suggestions and forward.........for now..........allow to grow/develop...........
  • 3 cheers for Alan!!!! very good start to what is going to be a great piece > of email in my inbox!!!! ah heck gang... give him 3 more for all the hard > work he has done on our behalf
  • GREAT START!!! The news letter will be great. Just have to get the visitor count up, but I'm sure once the word gets out it will.
  • Beautiful job on the newsletter Alan!

This is your newsletter - If you have a comment - let's hear it!

Today's quotation:

"Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine!." - unknown

Yesterday's saying:

"Bite Me!!!!"

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Cafba Website Updates

  • The Main Page!

    The main entry page at www.cafba.ca has recently been utilized to draw attention to some issues that your editor thinks are important.

    Early in April we had a dedication to the returning Canadian soldiers from Afghanistan

    Then we had a copy of an email from the Department of Veteran's Affairs soliciting the public's support in compiling the 7th Book of Remembrance.

    Now we appeal to everyone to pressure the CBC into renewing Don Cherry's contract on Hockey Night in Canada! It is bad enough that Hockey Night in Canada has become so diluted with the expansion of so many teams, but now they want to break more traditions and cancel the Coach!

    I say enough traditions have been lost in this country! Go now to www.savedoncherry.ca and cast your vote in support of keeping the Coach employed.

    Check www.cafba.ca for more information.

    Let us know what you think about this issue!

  • Cafba Celebrations
    • 14 May 2004 Second Cafba Newsletter issued
    • Birthdays in May - Happy Birthday Y'All
      • Birthdate CAFBA ID Last Name First Name
      • 01-May 10592 Sebela Deb
      • 03-May 3298 McKay Donald
      • 05-May 10400 Wynn Andrew
      • 06-May 10191 Crook Cameron
      • 08-May 3420 Moors Kathleen
      • 12-May 10270 Wightwick Tom
      • 14-May 10186 Flynn Frank
      • 19-May 10594 Richardson Ted
      • 16-May 10495 Weaver Julie
      • 17-May 10566 Rempel Rene
      • 23-May 10559 Drew Phillip
      • 26-May 4964 Davis Faye
      • 27-May 2375 Pearson Dora
      • 29-May 10029 Bradley Stephen
      • 30-May 10439 Lowry Marlene

      For those people whose names do not appear but who are also celebrating a B'Day in May, I wish you a Happy Birthday as well. We have only been asking for this data for a short time and not everyone wants it known. If you want yours added, send me a note.

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  • Cafba Memberships
  • 334 new names have been added to the database since the 01-April-2004. As of publication of this newsletter we have over 10,600 names in the database. Are you registered? Go here and register your details now so you can be included in the website.

    If you have previously submitted your application but your name does not appear on the website, please email me and let me know.

    A listing of the latest new members can be found here.

  • Your Opinion Counts!
  • April Poll results:

    Thanks to everyone who cast their vote. It was nice to see the amount of repeat/returning visits on a regular basis. Your patience during slow update periods is greatly appreciated. Here are the results of the last poll.

    • How often do you visit this site?
      • First visit: 9 votes 21% of total
      • once a week: 12 votes for 29% of total
      • once a month: 7 votes for 17% of total
      • several times a month: 8 votes for 19% of total
      • couple times a year: 6 votes for 14% of total

    A new poll was started as of 1st may. Get your vote in. The current poll, found on the main page of the cafba site, asks the question:

    Have you found a lost friend using this site?

    Here are the results to date:

    • Total votes cast 01 May - 14 May = 27 votes
      • Yes 14 for 52%
      • No 9 for 33%
      • They found me! 4 for 15%

    Thanks to all who have expressed their opinion. It is gratifying to see that over 50% of the respondents have been fortunate enough to be reunited with their lost friends.

    We will find them all!

    If you haven't voted yet, please do so - your opinion counts! Watch for our next poll starting 1 Jun 2004

  • Trivia
  • Which musical BRAT is leaving the Maritimes and moving to Ottawa?

    Have you signed up for the summer trivia contest on the newsgroup?

    This years contest promises to be a hoot as the format and challenge will be different from prior years.

  • Upcoming Reunions

    • Sat. 26 June - Saturday 3 July 2004 CFB Lahr.

    • July 16-19, 2004 CFB Cold Lake

    • July 31-Aug 2 2004 Beaver High Alumni Cold Lake Reunion

    • August 6th - 8th 2004 AFCENT (Brunsumm Holland)
      Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 2004 AFCENT reunion

    • August 2004. # 1 Fighter Wing Marville Reunion

    • Summer 2005 A reunion is being planned in Shilo in 2005.

    • 07-10 July 2005 PineTree Radar Line Personnel: a gathering and reunion of all ranks and all trades of US and Canadian military and civilian personnel and their families in the joint cities of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and Michigan.

    If you are on one of the upcoming reunion committees and want your reunion profiled, how about sending in some information about the event being planned? How many are you expecting? Where is the farthest BRAT coming from? What social events are planned? What accommodation has been arranged? Where can we register to attend? Is there a web site that we can refer to?

    If you have attended a reunion recently, why not let the other members know how it was. What were your experiences? Would you go back and do it again? Did you reunite with some old school chums? Was it all you expected it to be? Want to share some of your pictures? Write me with the details and we'll include them in the next newsletter.

    For additional details on any of these reunions, check out the reunions page on the cafba website!

    If your reunion isn't listed, email me and we'll put it in the next newsletter

  • Cafba Website Navigation
  • Did you know!

    There is a search facility on the cafba bulletin board forum?

    The forum has been around for some time and there are lots of messages going back a few years. You can search all of those messages for any topic by clicking on the search button at the top of the forum page and then inputting your search criteria.

    Searches can be done by author, by subject matter or by message bodies. Enter any topic you want and if it has been mentioned in the forum you will be given a list of messages where it was mentioned. Try it out here

    Do you have a suggestion on how we can improve the site? Please let us know!

  • Base Updates
  • I know that lots of people have been exploring their past recently and have made visits to the bases where we used to live.

    Not all of us have the luxury of being able to travel back to our past but we all wonder what it is like today!

    Why not share your visit for all to read by writing a review for the cafba news. Let us know what has changed, how you felt, share some memories or even pictures

  • A Cafba Recommended website
  • Mysteries of Canada

    This site is dedicated to bringing to the attention of Canadians, and others around the world, the rich heritage of history, myth and legends which belong to all Canadians.

    The stories are written to be short and thought provoking. Our intent is to stimulate your imagination so that you will feel compelled to research further information on the topics presented. We do not warrant the accuracy of any story or suggest that any story is complete. We invite you to comment on this site and it's stories and to submit a mystery from your part of the country.

    You can select stories by either Author or Location or Search for key words. This site will grow with time as our fearless Investigators add stories and new investigators come on-line.

    The above is taken directly from the website. Congratulations Bruce on an excellent contribution to Canadian History.

    As BRATS we all have had some experiences with mysterious circumstances, surroundings, or even objects. Why not put your recollections to paper and submit a story to Bruce's site!

    Do it now before the history is lost forever!

    To have your site profiled in this newsletter, contact the webmaster@cafba.ca

  • Found on Cafba forum
    • On the upcoming summer trivia contest it was suggested that contestants be divided like this:
      • Old brats VS Young brats
      • - Is it okay if we lie about our age?
      • and questions come from Brat memories or brat sites. Send me the questions at webmaster@cafba.ca

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Confessions of a BRAT!
by Sara Mosher

Can you keep a secret?

I have a secret. I've been carrying it around with me for more than 40 years and it's time to come clean.

One recent morning, closeted with my skeleton in the cupboard, I recalled the one and only time in my life that I ever stole anything. I was seven or eight years old then.

Every Saturday my twin sister Debra and I would each collect 25 cents for allowance and take the bus to the movies. There was no such thing as bus fare. Our parents taught us that when we got off the bus what we must do in appreciation of the free ride was say, "Thank you Sir."

Twenty-five cents was good money for a child, enough to pay for admission to the movies and some candy.

After the movie, Debra and I usually went home together but not always. Sometimes Debra would go off with a friend and I'd walk home alone. On one such occasion I stopped in at the grocery store. I'd been there before and I knew exactly where to go—straight to one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen—a package of 10 ballpoint pens, each one a different colour. What was really special about those particular pens was that the colour of the plastic casing matched the colour of the ink. If the pen was purple, so was the ink.

The package of pens was 99 cents, a whole lot of money for a little girl. I decided that the only way I would ever have the object of my great desire would be if I stole them, and so I did.

I took the treasure trove of colourful pens home, hid them and used them in secret. No one ever knew about them, not even Debra, not even to this day.

I never stole again, probably because I knew stealing was wrong and possibly because I never wanted anything so much as those wonderful pens.

Our family was living at R.C.A.F. Station Goose Bay, Labrador when I secretly made off with my booty. I've been in touch with several others who also lived in Goose Bay as children during the early '60s and we've exchanged some fond memories.

On this particular morning, after I had been contemplating my criminal past, I checked my e-mail to find another note from a fellow who had lived in Goose Bay the same time we had. One of the memories he shared?

"My father ran the grocery store."

Thanks to CAFBA I've been in touch with several others who also lived in Goose Bay......Sara

editor's note: many thanks Sara for making this contribution!

(editor's note: Statute of limitations has expired for this felony so there will be no reward issued for the capture and conviction of this notorious thief!)

Until next time! Be Good! But remember you are still a BRAT!

A BRAT's Quote!
At this stage of my life I would do anything just to do everything.....clocks a ticking
Dora Pearson May 2004!

  • Other Brat Sites
  • This list is as accurate as I know at this time! If your site is missing, let me know.

    Where did these sites go?
  • Dawn's Brats Page
  • Department of Defense School Alumni Pages
  • The Green Eggs Report
  • Hemer Senior High School
  • Wendy Noble's Brat Page
  • Zweibrucken 1966 - 1969
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